Electrical Safety

It is a sad reality that in the past 17 years, 29 people – including eight children – have been electrocuted in homes in WA. Working with Techforce Electrical you can protect your loved ones from injury and electrocution with improved electrical safety.

Not all work involving electricity requires a licensed electrician. It is safe for you to perform simple tasks however, all other work involving electricity needs to be performed by a licensed electrician. The team at Techforce Electrical can assist in the following ways to improve electrical safety in your home or workplace.

  • install safety switches/RCDs (residual current devices)
  • install surge protectors
  • install smoke alarms
  • testing & tagging leads/equipment
  • repair faulty equipment & power leads

New government regulations on smoke alarms perth and RCDs came into effect on August 1, 2011. Call today to get a quote on supply & installation of quality smoke alarms and RCD safety switches. All areas of Perth.

Downlight Safety Alert
The most recent studies are questioning the safety of downlights due to overheating causing fire hazards. Experts recommend that downlights either a) be installed with fire cannisters or b) switched to energy efficient LED downlights.

Protect your family today. Contact Techforce Electrical online for a quick quote or call 0425 830 447.